Treatment Options

Fixed Braces

Fixed braces involve brackets which are glued on to the surface of the teeth. In our practice, clear porcelain brackets are used routinely on the upper front teeth to obtain the best aesthetic appearance for our patients. There is no additional charge for using these more expensive brackets. Stainless steel or metal brackets are used on all other teeth.

An arch wire is inserted into the brackets. This is secured in place by elastomeric “O” rings. These allow different arch wires to be used while the brackets remain attached to the teeth. It is possible to add different coloured elastomeric “O” rings to the brace at each adjustment visit for fun. Elastics are the primary mechanism we use to move teeth so they fit together correctly. They can be worn in a number of different configurations and are attached using hooks which are part of the bracket or bands. It is the elastics that move the teeth. The quality of the end result is dependent upon the patient following precise elastic wearing instructions.
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Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign is the invisible orthodontic system to straighten teeth using a series of custom-made, clear aligners. Using the latest advances in 3-D computer technology Invisalign translates your orthodontist’s instructions into a series of aligners. You wear each set of aligners for two weeks, moving your teeth gradually week by week, until the desired result is achieved. Click here for more information.

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Your brace options

Functional Appliances

Functional appliances stretch the jaw muscles and hold the lower jaw in a forward postured position. Over a short period of time these forces move the teeth very quickly and effectively. Functional appliances are often used in growing patients with large overjets and they help to reduce the prominence of the upper front teeth.

Traditionally these have been removable plates called Bionators and Twin Blocks. Now Invisalign can be used to replicate the mechanism action of functional appliances.

Upper Removable Appliances

These appliances are easily removed, cleaned and are less complicated and less costly than fixed braces. Orthodontic problems such as crossbites, finger or thumbsucking habits and space maintenance can be corrected using these appliances. This can, in some cases, eliminate the need for more complex orthodontic treatment at a later date.


Retainers are an important part of your treatment following the removal of the braces. They are to retain your teeth in their new alignment. Time is required for the bone and gum to settle around the new position of the teeth. Retainers can be either fixed wires glued to the inside of the teeth and/or clear removable retainers.